Wednesday, August 5, 2009

YouTube - pigeon walking through downtown Portsmouth, NH

YouTube - pigeon walking through downtown Portsmouth, NH When the grey, grey pigeon goes bob bob bobbin' along. I was curious to see what this here pigeon was up to this August 2nd night in downtown, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. These pigeons have quite the life strolling the brick streets, looking for food, and watching the pedestrian and car traffic. Pigeons can fly up to fifty miles an hour and fly as much as six hundred miles in a day. If you kidnap a pigeon, blindfold this bird, and transport this captive bird many, many miles from their home; this pigeon could probably find its way home somehow they say as they can tell direction by the sun and the earth's magnetic field. That's why some pigeons are known as "homing pigeons". Although they are "bird brains", pigeons are said to recognize all twenty-six letters of the English alphabet. Maybe pigeons read the highway traffic signs to help them on their trips. Yes, pigeons are pretty talented and known to "work for peanuts".