Monday, February 16, 2009


Back in the 1980's while working for the Manning family; I was involved with a restaurant called the Captain's Clambake Emporium which primarily specialized in the authentic New England Clambake with our main source of business being motor coach group tours and other groups. From time to time some of the cooks, and waitresses would have a party and a time or two they would play a game called "cheeky-weeky".

I remember one time everyone was sitting in a circle as "cheeky-weeky "started. Among the people at the party were Rich Coutu and his girlfriend, Peter and Keith Burrell, Julie Burnham and about six or seven other "Clambake" employees. In "Cheeky-weeky" one person starts out saying "cheeky-weeky' and then the person to the left of that person would pinch the cheek of that person and then then person to the left of that person who pinched the second person and so forth until you get to the first person who started the game. Then, in this case Rich Coutu who started the game would say "chinny-whinney"and around the circle we go. Then "nosey-wosey","facey-wasey","earsy-wearsy",continued as further rounds to this game.

I remembered after a while playing this game prior to this. I was seated next to Rich's girlfriend who was seated to my left. I figured after a few rounds that I was "it". You see part of the "cheeky-weeky" game is to select someone and the person next to the left of the "it" person has an ashtray with cigarette ashes hidden from view. As the game is played, one person gets ashes smeared on their cheek,face, chin, ears, face etc.. The" it" person doesn't realize this as they see everyone but themselves in the circle and everyone else can see the "victim's" face being smeared with ashes.

After I realized I was "it", then that was it. Game over." Doney-wonny."