Monday, February 9, 2009


In the fall of 1972 as a new freshman college student at Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio I lived in suite 301 of Parsons Hall. Chris Grover was my roommate. In November of that year I developed a touch of bronchitis,pharyngitis, and a little bit of laryngitis.

Chris was a fan of the singer Neil Diamond and used to play some Neil Diamond records in the room on a small record player. One of the songs was a live recorded version of "Sweet Caroline".
In this live song Neil starts to sing with a really deep and low voice. My normal voice can't be considered to be on the deep and low range; however with my "itis" conditions mentioned above I was able to sing at the same deep level as Neil Diamond!

I saw Neil Diamond last night on the 51st annual Emmy awards on the CBS network and seeing him again after over 35 years brought back this recollection. He's had quite a long career.

I was a fan of "Deep Purple" back then with their classic hit "Smoke on the Water". DA DA DA