Monday, February 9, 2009

HILLARY IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few years ago I went down to vist my friend Jim Byrne in Olney,Maryland for a long weekend and also to see a college basketball tournament at the then called MCI Center. Olney is within commuting distance to Washington D.C. The Olney Chamber of Commerce motto is "Only in Olney".

Jim at that time liked to go on to his computer and join the AOL chat room discussions concerning Hillary Clinton. Jim wasn't really a big fan of Hillary Rodham-Clinton but he used to represent in the chat room that he was a big supporter of her collectivist ideology just to get a rise out of the other people in the chat room and read the anti-Hillary comments. It is said that a good attorney should be able to argue either side of a case and in this case although Jim wasn't an attorney he was commenting in the chat room the opposite way of his true beliefs.

Jim had to go somewhere on a brief errand while I was there and asked if I could take his place in the chat room and continue his line of pro-Hillary comments. I agreed to do this and had fun with this as I wasn't a fan of Hillary either although I played one on computer.

I would type in comments such as "We need Hillary to raise our kids"," Hillary is the best!!!!!!!!!"
"We are lost as a nation without Hillary", "Hillary knows what is best for us and our country","It takes a village and we need HILLARY to run this village". The responses were something like "You are so stupid and brainwashed", "How can any rational person believe the garbage that Hillary spews?" "Hillary would wreck this country" and so forth.
I would be lol,roflmao, etc... after hearing these responses and continue defending and praising Hillary.

Hillaryis the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! .................NOT