Saturday, February 14, 2009


A couple of years ago there was a restaurant on rt.28 in West Dennis across from the Christmas Tree Shop called Oinky & Moos which specialized in authentic southern barbecue. My brother Scott took me to this place one afternoon for lunch after we had finished a landscape job.

Oinky and Moos had real good pulled pork,brisket, and ribs. The ribs were real big being about 10" long with a lot of meat and fat on the bone. There was a good selection of side dishes such as Cole slaw,potato salad, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, bean salad and other tasty treats.

A fellow named Stan ran and owned this business and he was a big fan of blues music as he would play all sorts of blues songs through his speaker system each day. He also was a big fan of "The Blues Brothers" movie and had a lot of memorabilia about this movie on the walls of the restaurant such as wanted posters for Jake and Elwood Blues in addition to other Blues related albums and performers.The Blues Brothers Movie, of course is one of the best movies ever made in my opinion if you like comedy,music, quotable lines, and/or massive amounts of car crashes.

I used to go quite regularly to this restaurant generally around once a week and quite often on Friday evening. I used to see a few of Stan's friends in the back kitchen area on Friday nights.

One memorable Friday night when I came to the restaurant to order a take out barbecue meal Stan said "Hey Rick, do you want to come into the back kitchen and hang out a little with me and some of my friends? I said sure and proceeded behind the counter into the kitchen. Stan introduced me to his friends and handed me a beer. A little while later more of Stan's friends arrived.

I asked Stan if he liked the band Led Zeppelin and he said "Yeah, I'll put some Zeppelin on". He then put on the songs "Dazed and Confused" and "How Many More Times" among others and turned the volume way up. We all were drinking more beer as time went by and all started playing "air guitar and drumming along to Jimmy Paige's guitar solos and singing along with Robert Plant at the top of our lungs.

Stan then presented us with a bunch of ribs, pulled pork, and baked beans that we all attacked like "wild dogs". So, after five or six beers it was time to go home. It was a fun time and totally unexpected for me as I just thought I would be picking up my take out barbecue dinner and heading back to my house.

Thanks for the memories, Stan. "I sure do appreciate it."