Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I remember back when I was two or three years old while living outside of Pittsburgh, PA that my Dad one day brought home a dozen fertilized eggs a little before Easter time. My Dad had built a small chicken coop in the back yard and had purchased some feed bags which were stored in this coop so that we could look forward to having some fresh eggs.. The eggs were incubated in the bath tub under a heat lamp.

After the little chicks hatched and were big enough to be kept outside they were moved into the chicken coop. It turned out that out of the twelve hatched eggs all twelve turned out to be roosters. These roosters were quite aggressive in nature and used to run around the back yard and a few of the neighborhood dogs used to chase them. When we would have a cookout in the back yard a couple of the roosters used to jump up on to the picnic table and start pecking away the the hamburgers and hamburger buns.

My Dad contacted one of the neighbors who said he would slaughter the roosters for him so that we could eat them. It turned out that the roosters kind of had the last laugh in a way because once these roosters were cooked they were tough and stringy from all the exercise they had from being chased by the dogs. Plus, for some reason we had no eggs.