Friday, February 13, 2009


A few years ago while working at the Soundings Motel front desk a middle aged couple came up to me and asked for dinner recommendations. The man was wearing a corduroy sports jacket. I recommended Clancy's restaurant located on Upper County road in Dennis Port about a mile away from the oceanfront location of the Soundings.

The next evening the same couple came back to the desk and said "That Clancy's was great. Where should we eat tonight". I said "Well, the Ocean House is very nice and you could walk there if you want and you could even have a cocktail or two there as they hardly ever arrest anyone around here for "drunk walking", plus they have an excellent chef there and they are located right on the ocean so you have nice views of the sunset"

The following evening this same couple again wanted another recommendation for dinner as they were very pleased with my first two dinner choices. There is a restaurant named Pate's in Chatham, about twelve miles away. Pate's (rhymes with hates,crates,skates,etc..) has an open pit charcoal grill inside the restaurant and specializes in quality steaks, chops, etc in addition to a good selection of seafood entrees.

I said to this couple, "Pate's is always good" and proceeded to give them directions. However, instead of pronouncing Pate's the correct way; I called this restaurant Pate's ( as in goose liver pate^) with a "straight face" (no smiling).

The next evening I overheard this couple talking in the Soundings lobby to another couple about their fine meal at Pate's (they repeated my wrong pronunciation (as in goose lives pate) to this other couple.

I had a good laugh at this.