Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have a Bose "wave radio" in my bedroom that wakes me up each morning to music or talk radio depending of course on what station is set each morning. As is not uncommon everywhere, sometimes I experience a power outage at my house. When a power outage happens I have to reset the time on the radio as well as my wake up alarm time. In these cases I usually just reset the alarm time but not the radio station so I have "pot luck" as the station that awakens me is random.

Last year, after one of the power outages, my radio was set to WFCC 107.5, a classical music station broadcasting from Chatham, Mass on the Cape. I'm listening one morning as I attempted to get ready to greet the new day when I hear a familiar voice. I say to myself, "that sounds like my cousin Brad". Sure enough, after one of the symphonic pieces was finished I hear Brad Spear identify himself and give information on the previously played classical selections as well informing the listening audience of upcoming selections.

The human voice is like a personal signature, similar to the unique finger prints or retinal eye coloration. Brad has a deep voice and has had a long history of involvement in the radio industry. Brad and his family live in a suburb outside of Boston. What I couldn't initially fathom was how Brad could commute each morning from his home and be on the air in Chatham as that would be quite a commute each day and the opposite direction of the many people who live on the Cape and commute to Boston.

I spoke with my Dad about hearing Brad on the radio. Dad said that Brad has a recording studio inside his home that his show is syndicated to various radio stations throughout the country. Brad prerecords on his own time musical selections and comments but makes them appear as if it is a live show. So, that explains how I could hear Brad on the Cape. Sure beats commuting to the Cape with the price of gas,commuting time,and wear and tear on a car.