Monday, February 16, 2009


Living in a resort area and working at a resort motel as I do here on Cape Cod, I often have visitors ask me about the weather forecast. The Cape is more fun when the sun is out and the weather is warm. Some guests complain if it is a windy and sunny day and ask if it is always this windy. I think to myself "At least you don't have a rainy day to contend with like some people experience."

Even if I have heard the recent weather forecast I don't always pass this information along especially if the forecast is for bad weather. Plus, the forecasts aren't always correct that is why they are called forecasts, not certainties. I don't want to be blamed if I pass along a forecast that turns out to be wrong so I tell the guests that the weather channel is channel 47 on TV and they give a local forecast every 10 minutes.

The only certain forecast I tell them is the weather report for Mexico. The report for Mexico is always the same; "Chili today and hot tamale."