Thursday, February 12, 2009


As a freshman at Marietta College located in Marietta, Ohio; I lived in suite 301 of Parson Hall. This suite had a central hallway with two rooms on each side with a bathroom at the end of the hall. One of the rooms in the suite was occupied by two students from Saudi Arabia, Hussein Bondaji and Hassan Al Utabi.

Hussein was the more outgoing of these two roommates he was always laughing and joking. He wore glasses, had an "afro" style haircut,and liked to go dancing and partying. Hassan was a little quieter, smaller in height than Hussein and had a slight limp with his left leg being kind of locked and he had a slight problem with climbing up and down stairs.

Jim Byrne, also a resident of 301 Parsons composed a little ditty about Hassan which went something like this:

Ha moon, Ha stars, Ha sun,
Hassan Al Utabi, he's our friend from Arabi aaaaaaaa.

Hassan was a pizza lover. He had a poster in his room entitled, "Pizza is good food". On this poster was a list and description of the benefits of each ingredient found in a pizza such as the cheese, tomato sauce, the wheat found in the pizza dough and all the healthy topping found on many pizzas such as mushrooms, peppers, olives, etc.. along with a pictorial representation of each of these ingredients.

Hassan spoke English with a kind of nasal accent. One late night Hassan was talking with Jim about getting a pizza. I was in Hassan's room as well. I said to Hassan, "Hassan why don't you just call a cab to go get the pizza". Hassan " nasaly" replied,which sounded like "Reek Sha you are on asswhole".

Apparently Hassan didn't like my suggestion. I was trying to be helpful given the time of night and his above described walking problems. Oh well.