Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The volleyball court is empty now on this mid-winter afternoon. In the summer its a jungle out there. On route 6A in Brewster, Mass on the Cape in back of the Brewster Inn and Chowder House and the Woodshed entertainment barn: summer volleyball is a tradition that has stood the test of time. Though some people retire from the game over time there are new players that take their place.

As the volleyball net is put up each Wednesday during the summer season weather permitting around 6:00 pm the games begin on this sand court at the extreme end of the Woodshed parking lot. The court is surrounded on three sides by thick brush, pricker bushes, poison ivy plants and a mucky swamp like area in back of the court. The trees and brush of course fill in with their seasonal growth more than is found in this winter photograph.

During the summer the games last until it is determined that no one can see anymore from the lack of sunlight and pitch black darkness. In addition to the hazards surrounding the court at sunset, mosquitoes and small gnats try to make a meal out of the volleyball players.

Time outs are taken after the end of each game where players take a sip of their beverage of choice. Unscheduled time outs occur when the volleyball lands in up in a tree or goes into the "jungle" areas around the court. These out of bounds balls are an adventure to say the least and many a player returns with a wet mud covered volleyball along with various battle scars from getting tangled in the pricker bushes.

When darkness arrives everyone usually goes up to the Woodshed for some "yellow beers" at the bar. The Woodshed has a tee shirt available with a picture of a monkey on the front of the shirt and the slogan "Got Wood?" on the back side of the shirt. The bar area is rustic with wood beams and wood siding, a large neon Budweiser sign over the bar area, a small stage and dancing area, and a large deck area in back of the bar. On most nights there are good bands playing such as the Dave Foley band with his rockabilly music styling.

On some evenings "Downtown Kenny Brown", one of the long time volleyball players at the Woodshed, will be asked to come up and play harmonica with the band of the night.

So, the volleyball games (jungle ball) and the Woodshed bar are not fancy but fun. Come on down if you are in the area and you are sure to become a "shed head". See you soon Brad, Stacey, Ken,Brian, John, Elwood, Todd, Fran, Jim, Greg, and everyone else. As the days get longer the time gets shorter until the games begin once again.