Monday, January 5, 2009


I remember visiting Cape Cod on vacation with my parents and two sisters and brother back in 1964 I believe it was when I was ten. My parents had rented a cottage for the week near Pleasant Bay in Chatham.

Pleasant Bay is a salt water inlet known for the presence of horseshoe crabs which are still harvested for medical purposes. There are quahog( hard shell) clams found in the sandy bottom of the bay.

One day my Dad and I are in the water at Pleasant Bay feeling around for clams in the sand. All of a sudden I hear my Dad yell OWWWWWOWWOWWOW; he lifted up his clamming arm and on his thumb was a clamped a quahog clam.

Kind of like the little Jack Horner nursery rhyme but with a clam instead of a plum.