Thursday, January 29, 2009


Back around 1985 I started playing coed indoor volleyball on the Cape in Brewster Mass on Tuesday nights at the elementary school gym. We would set up two volleyball nets in the gym and play each week by lining up and counting off so each week we would be playing with different people.

Jennifer Mentzer was in charge of this volleyball night for a few years. My brother Scott also would play as well. Scott is about 6.5 years younger than me and really doesn't look that similar to me as he has brown hair while I had red hair. We both are similar in height.

Both Scott and I wore Nike high top basketball sneakers that were the same model as these shoes were white leather with a blue Nike "swoosh" logo with some yellow trim on these shoes as well. I told Jennifer that Scott and I are twins. At first she didn't seem to believe me but then I pointed out to her that we had the same shoes.

After that she used to call us the "Shaw twins".

I guess it would be hard for Scott and I to be actual twins given our age difference. I don't think any mother could endure 6.5 years of childbirth plus my two sisters were born between Scott and myself.