Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I live across the street from Swan Pond which is an intertidal pond that flows through Swan Pond River down to the ocean (Nantucket Sound) on the south side of the Cape. Probably Swan Pond was named for the fact that white swans are frequently seen on the pond and along the meandering river banks of Swan River. In addition to the swans; ducks, Canada geese, and an occasional blue heron are seen on the pond.

The Canada geese walk around my neighborhood on the road and yards eating grass and leaving their deposits. One goose in particular made me wonder? What's up with that goose? You see one goose was pure white and of course looked different from the other neighborhood geese who had long black necks. The white goose was accepted by the Canada geese and was part of the goose gang.

What I wonder is whether the white goose was some sort of albino Canada goose or whether this goose was liberated from some goose farm where they raise domesticated geese to be eaten particularly for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.

I don't know but I often think I should write a children's book called "The Goose is Loose" and describe how the Canada geese liberated the white goose from farmer Brown right before the white goose was going to the slaughterhouse and how the other geese accepted him although he looks different from them.

I tried asking the geese but they all think that they are cars and would only say, "HONK,HONK"