Monday, January 12, 2009


Back in 1975 as a member of the University of Connecticut Board of Governors I went to Dunphy's resort in Hyannis, Mass on Cape Cod to attend a student programing talent showcase. The Board of Governors was in charge of selecting entertainment events for the student and the showcase was held to introduce us to entertainers that we could hire for our schools.

I recall a few of the entertainers that were present at the showcase. One entertainer, Lionel Hampton had a good vibe about him as he was a renowned vibraphone artist.

There was another act there, some guy named Don Imus. I wasn't impressed with him. He seemed like a pompous, arrogant, bore and I definitely had no interest in hiring him to come to UCONN.

Another act, this young comedian named Jay Leno; I thought was really funny in both his material and his delivery of that comedic material. I had never heard of him before but was very impressed with him.

We didn't end up booking Jay Leno, this unknown comic, we ended up having a show with another comic, Robert Klein. I often wonder what ever happened to Jay Leno. I hope he made out OK. It is so hard to make a name for yourself in the entertainment industry and so many talented artists never make "the big time." Jay Leno where ever you are today, I hope you gave your career your best shot no matter how things turned out for you.