Monday, January 5, 2009


I used to be the property manager of the Harborside Arms Condominiums,a 26 unit residential condo, located in Dennis Port on the Cape. In addition to taking care of the building I had to listen to and try to solve disputes between the various owners and tenants living there.

My Dad, brother Scott, and I sound alike on the phone. Scott and I were living at the same house for a few years during the late 1980's. One night during that time I was out somewhere and Scott answered the phone. Mrs. Brown, one of the tenants at Harborside Arms , had called and started in complaining about the loud music coming from downstairs below her apartment.

Scott explained that he wasn't Rick, Rick wasn't home. Mrs. Brown said " don't tell me that, you are Rick and I know it." Scott said "I told you Rick isn't here, what..., have you been drinking?"

Mrs. Brown replied "I think you've been drinking!"