Saturday, January 3, 2009


Back in the late 80's and early 90's; my brother Scott and I had a local landscape business on Cape Cod called Matilda Bay Landscape. We came up with the name Matilda Bay from some wine cooler commercials on TV at the time which showed people using alligators to trim their shrubs.

One day Leo of Jack Conway Real Estate company called me and asked if we could take away a pile of leaves, grass clippings, and general yard waste from a house in Chatham, Mass which is about 12 miles away. I said sure we could go there the next day.

Scott and I went there the next day and cleared away the fairly sizable pile of yard waste from the back yard. No one was home at the house except a dog who watched us work from inside the house. We finished the job and went on to the next job.

About a week later I get a call from Leo wondering when we can take care of the Chatham house trash pile. I told him we did that about a week ago.

Apparently we went to the right street but the wrong house on that street. Sorry about taking away your trash.