Friday, January 9, 2009


I am (not) legend.... But to some I'm known as Johnny G.

You see, I used to belong to the Mid-Cape Racquet and Fitness Club in South Yarmouth. One of their popular programs is spin class. Spinning was founded by a fellow named Johnny G. from Miami,Florida and is basically riding a spin bike, which is a stationary bike in the dark usually with music playing, in a group setting, with everyone wearing heart monitors, and an instructor leading the group through a simulated ride through mountainous and flat section settings by varying the cadence of the revolutions per minute of the spin bike, varying the position of the rider on the bike,varying the resistance on the bike's wheel, thus varying the intensity and the recovery cycles throughout the ride as measured by the heart monitors.

One Thursday evening I was at the Harwich, Mass. community building for the weekly coed volleyball session and I was wearing a spinning tee shirt. On the back of the tee shirt is the following printed in red with black highlights "find the champion within" surrounded by red stars and signed below in black... Johnny G.

Some of the volleyball player got a kick out of seeing this tee shirt,quote and Johnny G. signature
and a new nickname for me was born.

I am (not) legend..... but to some I am Johnny G.