Monday, January 5, 2009


When I was a junior in high school at Simsbury high in Connecticut I had a job working at Westminster prep school in the kitchen primarily as a pot washer cleaning up the large pots and pans used by the cooks for the breakfast,lunch, and dinners served to the students.

A man named Dave was the manager of the kitchen and he had an office near the kitchen cooking area.

Ken was one of the cooks in the kitchen. He was a middle aged man and originally from Jamaica.

One day I was over in my corner with my double sink washing and rinsing the pots and Ken comes over to my area and says "Rick, do you have a colander?" I said, "No, but think there's one in Dave's office."

With his accent I thought he was looking for a calendar. Calenders aren't too good for straining water from spaghetti.