Monday, January 12, 2009


If you find that you are being pestered by an annoying house fly or horse fly; I have a hint on how to kill those flies who won't "buzz off." (Please note this post is for informational purposes and the author does not necessarily condone the killing of flies, other flying insects, or any living entity.)

Flies do not first fly forward when they take off from where ever they have landed. No, first a fly rises up in a backward direction before then flying forward kind of like a helicopter.

What you do if you wish to kill a fly is get behind a fly that is resting on something and then put your hands about eight inches apart and about six inches above and slightly in back of the fly. You then clap your hands and the fly should fly right between your hands as the fly senses the motion of your hand clap.

This method usually works quite well if you don't mind having to wipe some dead fly guts off your hands after you finish your hand clap. So, if you misplaced your flyswatter that is what you can do.