Thursday, January 8, 2009


My friend Jim Byrne whom I met while attending Marietta College reminded me the other day of my diet plan I told him about that is guaranteed to make almost anyone lose weight. He and I agree that maybe I should write a book about it as weight loss books are very popular these days. If I write a book on weight loss it will probably just have two main sections although the main point of the weight loss book is quite simple and could probably be condensed into a sentence or two.

Actually, I've decided to tell you the secret right here in this very article and you will probably say to yourself "He is right, why didn't I think of this myself before?"

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the secret to weight loss and maintaining a proper weight is as follows:.............(drum roll please) " Exercise more " is the first part of the plan, and the second part you ask?...........(continue drum roll to cymbal crash) "don't eat so much". That my friends, is how you either lose weight if you think you should or want to; or maintain your present weight ( assuming you aren't presently in a condition of almost starving to death in which case you should do the opposite which is of course "eat more and exercise less". )

So there you have it. The cat is out of the bag so to speak. You see the human body is like a machine . Food is the fuel. If you don't exercise enough the fuel (calories) accumulates and is stored on you as fat.

Thus, under exercising more: You should walk more, you should ride a bike more, you should take the stairs instead of the elevator more, you should park you car a little further from the store entrance instead of driving around endlessly trying to find a closer spot more, you should play sports more such as basketball, soccer, tennis,volleyball, almost any sport, golf of course doesn't apply as too many overweight people play and just rent a golf cart so that don't have to expend any energy and so they have a cup holder for their scotch and/or beer while they play that game. There are further exercises you can do more of but I won't list them all in case I change my mind and do write this diet book.

As far as eating less or not eating so much: Don't eat so much meat, don't eat so much potato, don't eat so much pizza, don't eat so much french fries (or freedom fries). In short don't eat so much food(with the exception of water which you can increase within reason although in rare cases if you really go overboard on water consumption there have been cases where people have died)

So now you have the secret, stick to your resolution and peel off those pounds.