Saturday, January 10, 2009


One evening over at the Mid-Cape Racquet & Heath Club I was getting dressed for spin class in the locker room when I noticed that I forgot to pack a pair of sneakers in my gym bag.

I decided to go upstairs to the spin class anyway and try to do the spin class sans sneakers, just with socks. The spin bike pedals are made of metal and they were digging into the soles of my feet. I was near the paper towel rolls used to wipe the bikes down after class so the spin bikes are not left with the sweat generated from the spin class workout. I took the paper towel roll and wrapped both of my feet with the paper towels so that my feet kind of looked like the shoeless Revolutionary War soldiers during their winter camp at Valley Forge who wrapped white rags around their feet. My Mom's ancestors (last name Ashley and my middle name) have been traced to have been in the War for Independence. Although not anywhere in comparison to my revolutionary war heritage:
I figured if my ancestors could struggle through the 1700's (they didn't even have television or computers back then) I could "struggle" through an hour of spin class.

I'm a tough guy, I don't need no stinkin' sneakers.