Saturday, January 10, 2009


I remember going to Jorgenson Auditorium at the University of Connecticut (UCONN) during my senior year to see The National Lampoon Show in 1975. I had a good seat for the show probably around the fifth row from the stage as I was a member of the Student Union Board of Governors which sponsored the show and "membership has its benefits".

What I most remember about this show was seeing this fat pig of a guy on stage who had long greasy shoulder length hair. He must have started it by insulting us angelic college students in the audience and we in the audience returned his retorts with our own flurry of insults towards him. It was actually all in good fun and part of the total show.

This guy on stage was all worked up, sweating profusely, eyes bulging, pacing around and swearing like a trooper and the same time repeatedly giving the audience the finger eleven. The audience in kind gave him a one finger salute along with laughing, insulting.yelling, and cursing him back.

I didn't know who that guy was at the time by name but later when I saw this person in a different light or setting so to speak;
that the person who became more famous over time and the
portly prankster who was running around the stage like a "Bat out of Hell" were one and the same.

Yes," MEATLOAF" early in his career was the finger eleven fool who graced the hallowed auditorium stage of my beloved university.